1. What is the core philosophy or vision of Borrowed Soul Studio?
Borrowed Soul's core philosophy is to create immersive experiences that resonate with players on a profound level. We believe in the power of great Gameplay and aim to push the boundaries of first-person action by delivering unique and thought-provoking mechanics and narratives.

2. How does Borrowed Soul Studio differentiate itself from other indie game studios?
Borrowed Soul Studio differentiates itself through its unwavering commitment to originality and innovation. We prioritize creative risks, exploring uncharted territories in game design, and challenging conventional norms. Our dedication to pushing boundaries will continue to set Borrowed Soul Studio apart from other indie game studios.

3. What types of games does Borrowed Soul Studio specialize in developing?
Borrowed Soul specializes in developing games where the player is the driving force in both Gameplay and narrative. Our primary focus is on first-person, action, roguelike within mind bending worlds.

4. How does Borrowed Soul Studio approach storytelling in its games?
Borrowed Soul Studio believes that storytelling is one of the core parts of gaming. We place great emphasis on creating engaging narratives, focusing on meaningful player choices. We believe the best way to do that is for the player to make its own narrative.

5. What sets Borrowed Soul Studio's game mechanics apart from others in the industry?
At Borrowed Soul studio we like to experiment and play around with the rules and standards surrounding game mechanics. If it pushes our creative buttons and ultimately the game forward, there is nothing that we're not willing to try.
We also acknowledge that we're standing on the shoulders of giants. There will always be a percentage of similarity and overlap among other games.

6. What is Borrowed Soul Studio's creative process for developing new games?
Borrowed Soul Studio's creative process is collaborative and iterative. It always starts with team brainstorming sessions where ideas are explored and refined. We then focus on crafting compelling narratives, designing Gameplay mechanics, and reiterating. A core tool is prototyping and playtesting to ensure the games evolve and improve over time.

7. What are some notable achievements or successes of Borrowed Soul Studio thus far?
Borrowed Soul is a new, up and coming indie game developer.

8. How does Borrowed Soul Studio engage with the gaming community and player feedback?
Our goal is to cultivate a strong player base that we have direct contact with. They are the backbone of our feedback loop and will always be considered a prominent asset.

9. What is Borrowed Soul Studio's approach to inclusivity and diversity in game development?
At Borrowed Soul Studio, we are ALL equal. No matter the position, your voice and constructive criticism are or will be instrumental to any success we will ever have.
Borrowed Soul Studio is committed to creating games that represent a wide range of ability, perspectives, cultures, and backgrounds. We actively seek out diverse talent and hope to collaborate with people from all walks of life to ensure our games resonate with players no matter the situation.
No game is 100% accessible to everyone, but we still want to make it our goal to be as close as possible.

10. What can players expect from Borrowed Soul in terms of upcoming game releases or projects?
Players can look forward to Borrowed Soul Studios's upcoming project VOID MOTHER.
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